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So, if you check the cblogs regularly (as you should), then you probably already know that Edmund McMillen, (indie game artist/designer) just did some hospital time, and like many indie game artists/designers, he doesn’t have health insurance. That means he’s looking at thousands of dollars worth of bills. Tangent- Did you know that Daniel Clowes, indie comics writer/artist, agreed to have two of his Eightball stories (Ghost World and Art School Confidential) turned into movies in part so that he could get health insurance? It’s a fact- health insurance is to grown ups as crack cocaine is to Tyrone Biggums

Anyway, I’m telling you this in hopes that you will donate some money to Mr McMillen’s hospital fund. This isn’t charity we’re talking about, this is practical cause and effect. If Mr McMillen needs to take other work to pay his hospital bills, it will take that much longer or him to finish Super Meat Boy. Edmund has already helped complete two other games (Spewer and Time Fcuk) since Super Meat Boy was announced, which has likely contributed to why Super Meat Boy isn’t done yet. Spewer and Time Fcuk are two great games and I’m glad they were made, but I’d much rather Edmund be spending 100% of his time on Super Meat Boy. I mean, why should Mr McMillen have to do stuff like “work” in order to make stuff like “money” to pay stuff like “bills”  when he could be creating something that could go on to be the greatest indie crossover 2D platformer ever made?

Please give the nice man three dollars so I can get the Gish/Braid/Alien Hominid/Bit.Trip game of my dreams sometime this century. If 1000 of you do this thing, Mr McMillen should be all set hospital bills-wise, and maybe he’ll even put your name in the credits of the Super Meat Boy

So Donate!


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