Even more hilarious Plants vs. Zombies ads

PopCap got a kick out of how funny we thought their Evony-spoofed Plants vs. Zombies ads were, but really, it’s stuf flike this that makes me love them so much as a company and look forward to their games. Serious titles are awesome and everything, but for me nothing measures up to a game that will keep me giggling.

Anyway, PopCap were kind enough to share an exclusive sneak preview of the rest of the ads they created in that campaign with Destructoid, which you can see in the attached gallery. Evony really did deserve a good spoofing, and it gets me to thinking that we should spend more time laughing at ridiculous games instead of being irritated by them. Speaking of PopCap, I hear they have a new game out today. Look for our review of Bookworm Adventures 2 coming very soon!

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