Even more 3D Dot Game Heroes details!

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Yes, we know. We possibly talk about 3D Dot Game Heroes perhaps a little too much. We don’t care though, because the game looks awesome and the details just keep coming. The latest information comes by way of Babarageo, creator of a flash game called Futokute, Nagai, Ore no ***.

From Software borrowed an idea from this game, in which swords grow to ridiculous sizes, and in return Babarageo was able to test the game out and give his impressions. Here is what Babarageo had to say about his experience:

  • Players can freely explore the whole game world once the prologue is over.
  • Loading screens break up areas on the world map, but players will be entertained with humorous illustrations.
  • You can switch characters midway through the adventure, meaning you won’t have to restart a game in order to try a new class.
  • The character creation mode only allows you to use seven colors.
  • NPCs usually crack jokes depending on whether you say “Yes” or “No” to their queries. It’s been highly recommended that players always answer “No” for the best results.
  • If players use the full 16x16x16 edit space, they can create abnormally large characters that dwarf NPCs. This could be a design oversight that needs fixing.
  • Camera can be adjusted with four angles, including the Zelda-esque overhead view.
  • Players will be able to capture their own screenshots in the game.

Okay, I’ve heard enough. From Software has tantalized me far too much, and now I swear I will find out this week whether this thing is coming to the West. I now embark on my quest to pull strings and ask questions and get some bloody closure on this issue. Wish me luck.

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