Even at age 63, Takahashi Meijin is still a master button masher

master button masher

I wish I could challenge him directly

As a kid, I had an affinity for those “button mashing” challenges. You know the ones where in some fighting games you’d “clash,” and the best masher would win? Or any number of Mario Party minigames? Whenever one of the latter would show up in one of my friend groups, someone tried to sabotage me by grabbing my controller because they knew their defeat was inevitable — but I think it’s time to recognize the master button masher.

Takahashi Meijin is a legend that’s been in the industry for decades, making his name at Hudson Soft. He’s perhaps most famous for the “16 shot per second” mashing technique. In short, Takahashi-san managed to mash so quickly that he could trigger “16 shots per second,” and actually put it on film in the ’80s.

Well, the master button masher is back at it again. In a tweet (from his account meijin_16shot), he shows that even at age 63, he’s still got it: absolutely crushing the Mario Party SuperStars minigame Pokey Pummel. That face of accomplishment at the end! I can only hope to still be playing games this capably at that age.

Here’s Takashi showing off his “16 shot” skills back in the day using Hudson Soft’s Shuwatch:

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