Even a Gameboy needs release …

Dan, one of our boys over at Bits, Bytes, Pixel & Sprites, sent over the above video. I’m going to just pause right here so you can watch it. Watch the whole thing. Yeah, I can wait. I’ll have a beer while you’re watching it. Just lemme know when you’re done.

Ok, done yet? No? Oh … ok. I’ll go back to waiting …

Now? No? Ok.

NOW? Finally! So, um, wow, right? The whole thing is like a bizarre homage to Don Hertzfeldt, and I totally respect that. If they could have worked in a giant spoon or ROBOTS, I would move to Omaha tomorrow. 

The above message was paid for by the Committee For Making References That Only 3, Maybe 4 People Will Actually Understand.

Earnest Cavalli
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