EVE Online’s massive Triglavian Invasion storyline comes to a close soon

What’s next? The players will decide

One of the most enduring aspects of EVE Online is just how impactful the playerbase is on the day-to-day goings-on of the game. Although developer CCP Games guides players along it’s ultimately up to them to shape the future of the world; whether it’s through meta analysis or plain old brute force.

So far, the Triglavian Invasion (read: a mysterious new force with wicked technology that players can steal) storyline has been one of the more riveting recent arcs for the game, purely from a narrative perspective. When it was revealed in mid-2018 fans reacted with a roaring applause at the Harpa centre in Reykjavík, Iceland, but all MMO storylines must come to an end.

As revealed today by a cryptic and persona-filled video log, CCP plans to sunset the Triglavian influence with an upcoming “final” chapter. Once again player choice is at the forefront, as CCP intends to let players side with the Triglavian Collective or remain loyal to EDENCOM (in high and low sec). While the Triglavian storyline will play out for some time, EVE is getting its Forsaken Fortress update (which focuses on player-built structures) on May 26: which should lead to some organic story shenanigans.

In terms of future plans for growth following their wholesale shift out of VR and into the arms of Pearl Abyss, their new owners, wide-eyed CCP CEO Hilmar V. Pétursson says he has a plan. He reminds us that EVE is 17 years old this year, and just recently relaunched in China and got a Korean localization. The future of EVE is looking bright, and with a new daddy at the helm and a single focus on what made the franchise so appealing in the first place, CCP can continue to stay the course.

Naturally, they’ll always have their side projects: it just wouldn’t be CCP without ’em.

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