Eve Online will let you battle Daleks in a Doctor Who crossover

Eve Online Doctor Who

The Eve Online Doctor Who collab starts on January 13

Developer CCP is no stranger to Eve Online events, but this one is going to turn some heads. The Eve Online Doctor Who crossover starts this month on January 13.

Referred to as the “Interstellar Convergence,” you’ll square off against Daleks and explore space for Time War items. Here’s an official rundown of the event, and what it’ll actually entail:

EVE Online x Doctor Who introduces new, Gallifrey-themed space where players will search for artifacts from Doctor Who’s Great Time War. The artifacts will provide players with clues to track down the infamous Daleks and face them in an interstellar battle of the ages. Players who survive the fight will reap unique rewards that they can take back to New Eden. Additionally, a login campaign with skill points and Doctor Who-themed items will be available to all players throughout the duration of the event.”

It’s not going to run for a long time, either! Once it kicks off on January 13, it’ll actually leave the game on February 1. And in true MMO fashion, unless CCP decides to bring it back, it’s gone. You can check out the trailer for the event here.

Perhaps this is a start of the true power and money now-parent-company Pearl Abyss brings to the table? As a reminder, the plan is to return to an in-person EVE Online Fanfest in the heart of Iceland this year, so it’s going to be a big 2022 for CCP.

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