EVE Online PLEX gets rare 32% off deal in GMG’s summer sale

Serious business

Update 7/19: Today GMG changed their prices from a 32% discount to 15% off FLEX cards. Other Eve Online deals still valid. Prices updated below.

EVE Online gamers rejoice, particularly if you need more game time to get back to your Excel spreadsheets. PLEX is rarely (if ever) on sale, but thanks to Green Man Gaming’s summer sale, you can now get up to 32% off on PLEX (Pilot’s License Extension, for those not in the know). As of writing, 6 PLEX is going for $71 while 2 PLEX is on sale for $23 and finally 1 PLEX costs $13.

The last time we saw EVE Online PLEX on sale was almost a year ago back in August 2015. Prior to that, it was discounted slightly during fall 2014. Beyond the PLEX discount, starter packs and content packs are also on sale at various prices. Note that you’ll need to login or create an account at GMG to see these discounts.

Discounts will end in about two days on July 20 at 12:00pm Eastern. While the deals may likely make a return during the “encore” phase of GMG’s sale, that isn’t guaranteed.

EVE Online PLEX:

Eve Online Content Pack

Eve Online Starter Pack