Eve Online PLEX are on sale again for 15% off during Winter Sale

Serious business

Sold off your 401k so you can amass your fortune in Eve? You’re in luck pilot. This week GMG has Eve Online PLEX at 15% off discount across the board for the 6, 2, and 1 PLEX.

Eve PLEX and Pack Deals

This brings the price of  6 PLEX down from $105 to $89; 2 PLEX from $35 to $31.49; and finally 1 PLEX from $20 to $18.59. PLEX, of course, is the pilot license extension which grants players 30 days of game time for the long running MMO where commodities trade and grand scale economic intrigues occur. There’s the occasional space battle or two too.

Joking aside, in-game currency price database of PLEX do exist. So yeah, shit’s serious yo.

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