EVE Online goes mobile with Project Aurora

Test session open this weekend for EVE Vegas attendees

The rumors are true — CCP is bringing the EVE Online universe into the mobile arena with Project Aurora.

Announced at EVE Vegas today, Aurora is described as a free-to-play game set in the EVE universe. It’s jointly developed by EVE creator CCP and the mobile studio PlayRaven, and will follow the whole MMO archetype once again. While it’s not actually out (and CCP was quick to explain that “there is no current release date”) EVE Vegas attendees will be able to actively test Project Aurora on both iOS and Android platforms this weekend in “pre-alpha” form.

Although the Icelandic studio started out as primarily a PC dev, they’ve since branched out to consoles and the mobile space in an attempt to push more EVE experiences across the world. As you might have expected the reaction to Aurora wasn’t met with as much enthusiasm in the crowd as everything leading up to it, but this is a thing now, and I’ll be able to test out a build soon enough to see how it stacks up.

PlayRaven partners with CCP on development of Project Aurora [PlayRaven]

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