European Virtual Console games in 50Hz?

Wow. Just … wow. After Sony recently gave it to Europe from behind by delaying their PS3 launch, shutting down Lik-Sang (from where a lot of Europeans were buying their PSPs), and just being Europe-haters in general, you’d think Nintendo would be the first to jump in to the Europeans’ rescue, complete with underpants on the outside, and a cape flapping with the wind, standing atop a skyscraper, taking the continent into their protection and providing it with a sense of security.

Alas, such is not the case. Check out this latest post on Lyris Lite:

An NTSC-UK forum member, who previously had a US Wii but was unlucky enough to find it faulty – has posted info on the PAL Wii he’s managed to bag:

“PAL was a second choice for me. Sonic had huge borders and ran at 50hz. I switched the console to 60hz, but it made no difference to the speed or borders. F-zero only had slight borders. Again, it only ran in 50hz.”

And here’s an update to the post: 

Update (6:31pm): Another forum member who has the PAL console has reported that he’s “Just downloaded Super Star Soldier for my PAL Wii. It runs in 480i. So maybe PC Engine games all run in 60 Hz?”. Hopefully Nintendo of Europe can allow ALL of the games to run in their original 60hz through a system update, but I’m not crossing my fingers.

Pathetic, Nintendo. Just pathetic. For the prices you charge for Virtual Console games, we expect them to be upscaled, enhanced and give us back-rubs when we snap our fingers.

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