European Speedrunner Assembly is saving the children once again this week

Like your speedrunning with a European twist? Look no further!

Feeling a touch of the post-AGDQ blues? Thankfully, it’s not just North America that is serving up good old-fashioned charitable speedrunning for your viewing pleasure. Until February 23, The European Speedrunner Assembly will be bringing you a 24-hour Twitch stream, showcasing a variety of runs, and a secondary stream, all in the name of good fun and raising money for Save the Children.

ESA has been showing awesome technical gaming feats since 2015, and has gone from strength to strength lately. I had a great time attending the main summer event last year in Malmö, while the winter event (which has been going since last year) is hosted from the beautiful city of Växjö, also in Sweden. After adding the Movember event to its roster at the end of last year, and raising over $120,000 for Save the Children at the summer event in 2018, ESA is building a thriving community, all while helping out some worthwhile causes.

So, what catches my eye in the schedule? Here are my top tips for one game a day to check out (and to donate to!) during the week*:

1. Monday, February 18, 13:30, Stream 1 – Resident Evil 2 (2019) run by Distortion2

2. Tuesday, February 19, 11:51, Stream 1 – Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) run by RebelDragon95

3. Wednesday, February 20, 08:00, Stream 2 – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt run by triggerino1

4. Thursday, February 21, 04:00, Stream 2 – Final Fantasy X run by Metako

5. Friday, February 22, 04:24, Stream 1 – Kingdom Hearts 3 run by IrregularJinny

6. Saturday, February 23, 13:04, Stream 1 – Cuphead run by kalevan_herra vs. Kirthar vs. TwoCPlus

*All times are listed according to the Pacific Standard Time.

Fancy throwing a donation their way? You can make all of your donations and pledges to Save the Children via ESA through this website.

Header photo credit to Michael Kire

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