European price drop for Xbox 360: Confirmed, me ol’ mucka

Pip pip and wot wot me old mates, just got a bell on the dog & bone that those blokes at Microsoft have confirmed that the Xbox 360 will cost a few less queenheads from August 24th. I’m a cockney I’m a cockney, jolly ol’ knees up soggy chipolatas. The bugger with the 20GB hard drive (once known as the premium) will drop from thirty smackers, now available for £249.99 while the bloomin’ blinkin’ HD-less core model slashes twenty quid to ship for £179.99. If you’re over the channel, the prices’ll be €349.99 and €279.99 respectively.

Aaaaw, any old iron, any old iron, any any any old iron,
You look neat, talk about a treat!
You look so dapper from your napper to your feet.
Dressed in style, brand-new tile,
And your father’s old green tie on.
But I wouldn’t give you tuppence for your old watch and chain,
Old iron, old iron.

[I owe TheGoldenDonut a pint down the Queen Vic for this tip, stone the crows!]

James Stephanie Sterling