European politicians worried about sexism in games

Sexism? In my videogames? I have never heard of anything so preposterous, but the European Parliament has. According to reports, MEPs are concerned about gender stereotypes in modern media, and naturally videogames have been heavily implicated in the sexist shenanigans.

The report shows how a stereotyped, sexist, and often degrading image of women is presented by the new electronic media. The report concludes that the majority of video games constitute one more element in the reproduction of discriminatory stereotypes against women that perpetuate and trivialise abuses against their human rights…

Okay, so it’s true. Videogames, along with all forms of media, are guilty of stereotyping, both in terms of objectifying women and expertly manipulating the horny male demographic. The thing is, everybody knows that sex = money. If Europe wants to combat that basic truth of business, then it has a long and arduous fight ahead of it.

Jim Sterling