Europe waits half a year to get Super Paper Mario, and it’s got a glitch?

Oh this is rich. This is rich like fruit cake and marzipan. I have already ranted in the past about how disgraceful it is that Europeans had to wait half a year to play one of the few decent Wii games on the market, but the fact that after all this time there’s a glitch of any description in Super Paper Mario is a bit rubbish. The glitch won’t affect very many players at all, but those that trigger it will be treated to a game breaking freeze that will require the unfortunate player to reset his or her Wii and start from the last save point. You’d think that with such a ridiculous waiting time between releases, the game would be improved rather than having glitches added in.

From Nintendo Europe’s official Web site:

At the start of Chapter 2-2, you will come across a character called Mimi. She will tell you to go to the farthest room on the first floor to meet a character called Merlee. Enter that room and press the green switch. A trap will be triggered, and a spiked ceiling will descend upon Mario. Before the ceiling reaches him, flip into 3D and jump on it to find a key.

If you pick up the key, you won’t run into any problems. Use it to open the locked door to Mimi’s right. However, if you talk to Mimi without picking up the key, the game will freeze. You will then have to turn off your Wii console and start again from your last save point. 

It really doesn’t pay to be a gamer in Europe, I tell you. Getting Mario Strikers first is no tonic for farcical garbage like this. At least Nintendo is offering unglitched copies to anybody with a problem, but after spending all this time waiting for the thing, one would expect perfection. Well, one would if one didn’t live in Europe and expect this kind of treatment.

[Cheers, Donut]

James Stephanie Sterling