Europe screwed again: New PSPs are rubbish

Sony’s new renovated PSP is not only going to be far lighter and thinner, but will also be able to be played on televisions, thus eliminating the need for … well … the PSP. Unless of course you’re in Europe, as it’s become clear that we in the land of fish n’ chips will have to wait, as per usual, for the PSP’s biggest new feature. Naturally, there’s absolutely no reason for this, but Sony will not be providing the cables needed to take advantage of the new feature, and have not given a timeframe in which they will actually bother.

Furthermore, those new colors for the PSP are also going to be missing in action until somebody gives enough of a crap. You’ll get black and like it, you limey ragamuffins. I honestly wouldn’t mind quite so much if they gave an actual reason for this garbage, even if it was simply, “You know, we just can’t be bothered.”

[TheGol … yeah, you know who. Sorry for lack of photo caption, still need to get some editing software while I’m in the USA] 

James Stephanie Sterling