Europe rejoice: You can get Lost Odyssey early, in English, for super cheap!

While lazily perusing NeoGAF this morning, my jaw almost fell off its bloody hinges when I read that Play Asia was selling Lost Odyssey, right now, in English, on a region-free disc. Quickly burrowing my way into the thread like a dirty mole, I became even more shocked — it’s not region free, but multi-region, and works on both Japanese and European consoles. THAT’s when the jaw fell.

This is the first time I can remember in a long time that a PAL region consumer has had such an opportunity (Mario Strikers doesn’t count). This is early, cheap and exclusive from Japan to Europe. NeoGAF discovered this a while ago and yet for some reason I didn’t read about it anywhere. Why was I not informed of this? This news might be old to some, but it’s new to me, and blast you all for hiding this!

Because of the currency exchange, the best news is that Lost Odyssey won’t cost half as much as retail games do. In fact, after shipping costs, the whole thing came to £28.05. Suck my brass ones, English government (England has its own government, I have decided)! 

If you’re European and a fan of Japanese RPGs, I’d get your credit cards out because Lost Odyssey is in stock right now. I have already whipped out my credit card and made an impulse buy and will be sure to let you know the results when it arrives, hopefully next week.

Jim Sterling