Europe, Australia to get 360 The Club demo tomorrow, Americans are fat and lazy

PlayStation 3 owners in the UK have been enjoying the demo since before the new year, but today Sega has announced that a demo for Bizarre Creations’ The Club will make its way to the Xbox 360 tomorrow. The catch? It’s only been announced for download in Europe and Australia. Everyone else can eat it. 

The special “Renwick” version of the demo will feature one playable character named (surprise!) Renwick, a “tough, no nonsense, NYPD Detective whose investigations brought him too close to The Club.” Playable in one environment (The Prison), players can try out two of the game’s single-player modes, “Sprint” and “Time Attack,” and if they have any friends, can check out the game’s multiplayer split-screen options. 

No word on when we’ll see the demo in North America, but those swanky Brits have been sitting on the PS3 version of the demo (which has yet to hit our shores) for a few weeks now. Word has it we should see the demo soon over here, which will hopefully be before The Club’s February 7 release date.

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