Europe and Japan are getting a Glacier White PS4 Slim

It’s a good’un

A couple years back, Sony sold a limited-edition “Glacier White” PlayStation 4 bundled with Destiny, and now that color variant is returning for the PlayStation 4 Slim in Europe (January 24) and Japan (February 23) and hopefully over here in North America some day soon as well. The 500GB console is priced at €299 / £259 / 29,980 Yen, and Japan will also have a 1TB option for 34,980 Yen.

I’m still a fan! I’ve actually been meaning to snag an extra controller in that color. This news also has the added benefit of reminding us of that “Nintendo’s White PlayStation 4 debuts” story.

Introducing the new Glacier White PlayStation 4, out 24th January [PlayStation Blog EU]

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