Euro retailer begins to cut Rock Band prices already

Harmonix may think that we maligned European gamers are getting a good deal when we’re expected to drop £180 for a full Rock Band set, but the people actually selling the games are starting to realize how ridiculous it is to charge more than a Wii for a single videogame and a Singstar microphone.

Play has already sliced £30 off the ‘Band in a Box’ set and sheared a tenner away from the game disc’s asking price, making for a slightly more acceptable total price of £139.99. It’s only slightly acceptable, however, because there is no way in an eternity of Satan’s buggery that I would be caught dead paying £139.99 for a game.

Waiting this long for a game, only to be expected to pay the kind of money David Bowie would charge for one handjob is not cool, in my book. I’ll take the Bowie Shuffle every time.

James Stephanie Sterling