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Ethrix codes (April 2024)

Make sure to use all the available Ethrix codes to avoid missing out on freebies!

Updated: April 1, 2024

We looked for more codes!

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Never-ending combat from the very first moment in the game, exceptional punch combos, and awesome graphics—that’s what Ethrix offers. It’s a fighting Roblox game where you need to invest time to make a difference, especially when it comes to challenging more experienced players.

Although the game itself is very demanding, luckily, we have some Ethrix codes that you can redeem for various rewards, such as weapons, boosts, and coins, that will help you upgrade your hero faster. If you’re interested in playing a similar title that also offers many freebies, visit our list of Combat Warriors (CW) codes and enjoy the battle!

All Ethrix codes list

Active Ethrix codes

  • TrulyOurETHRIX—Redeem for a Dying Neutron Star Limited Weapon (New)
  • ShippedInMail—Redeem for free Boosts

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How to redeem codes in Ethrix

Redeeming Ethrix codes is a simple procedure. Follow our detailed instructions below and get your rewards right away:

How to redeem codes in Ethrix
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  1. Launch Ethrix on Roblox.
  2. Click the cogwheel button in the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Select Others in the pop-up window.
  4. Insert your code in the Enter code text box.
  5. Hit Enter to grab your freebies!

How to get more codes in Ethrix

The easiest way to stay up-to-date with the latest Ethrix codes is to bookmark this article (CTRL+D) and check back occasionally. We do our code-hunting adventures regularly to find active code and place them here for easy access.

However, if you want to learn more about the game or explore more potential ways to get freebies, feel free to check the developer’s social media channels, such as:

Why are my Ethrix codes not working?

Always double-check your spelling when entering Ethrix codes because they’re usually strings of upper- and lower-case letters, so typos can happen easily. To avoid mistakes, you should copy a code from our list and paste it straight into the game. Also, if you get the message This code does not exist, that means it has most likely expired. For that reason, try to be fast and use the latest ones as soon as you see them.

Other ways to get free rewards in Ethrix

Besides redeeming Ethrix codes for various prizes, you can get more by checking the LOGIN REWARDS tab in the top-left corner of the screen (look for the icon with the number seven). You’ll get extra goodies as you grind through the game and win fights. For more prizes, check the developer’s social media channels (linked above) for giveaways and special events, as they pop up quite often.

What is Ethrix?

Ethrix is a Roblox fighting title based on quick-time events and fast reflexes. You’re thrown into combat as soon as you spawn. Learn the controls, master the moves, and enjoy the exciting gameplay with a variety of special moves and finishers.

If you want to grab more codes and obtain various freebies in other popular Roblox games, check out the rest of our Roblox Codes section here on Destructoid! 

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