Eternal Sonata Xbox 360 faceplates are made of candy; epic winsauce

I’m usually not one to endorse pre-ordering anything, ever, but the bonus you get for laying a few bucks down on Eternal Sonata looks too good to pass up. This upcoming Namco Bandai release, (known as Trusty Bell in Japan,) joins Blue Dragon on the very short list of 360 titles that have risen above Microsoft’s horrid asian advertising campaigns enough to win the attention of Japanese gamers.

There are 5 faceplates available, and no telling whether you’ll be able to choose the one you like or get stuck with the one you don’t. I would imagine, however, that there are ways of persuading your local Gamestop or EB Games employees into giving you a peek at the goods so you can take your pick. More info on the game is available on its shiny, new official site; and here’s a closer look at the faceplates, because I love you. 

[Via Kotaku]

Topher Cantler