Eternal Sonata liked by Japan

The Xbox 360, not being the most Japanese of consoles (and suffering from bad marketing on the part of Microsoft), is not known for doing so well in the land of the rising ninja. That said, it does have a few titles that the Japanese get excited for. With some distinctly more Eastern flavored games coming out on Microsoft’s machine, the 360 is in danger of actually selling something over there, as evidenced by Eternal Sonata claiming the number three sales spot at

Known as Trusty Bell to the Asian market, Namco’s unique RPG set in the dream world of a comatose Frédéric Chopin, doomed to die but imbued with great magical power as a tradeoff. I’d prefer to just not be dying, really. With a concept that crazy, it’s little wonder the Japanese fans are all over it. 

Signs of a turnaround in the far East for Microsoft? Probably not, and more a spike than a long upward curve, but nevertheless it’s always a fresh experience to see a 360 game actually selling over there. If it means more Japanese content on the 360 over time, you’ll get no complaints from me. Provided they see the light of day in the West, of course.

[Thanks once again, PacoDG

James Stephanie Sterling