ESRB reveals LEGO Rock Band’s hard-partying minifigures

The ESRB continues its streak of selling me videogames with its descriptions of products, this time taking aim at the rated E for Everyone (10+!) LEGO Rock Band

“During some cutscenes, LEGO characters engage in not so civil behavior,” the description reads. “A hotel room is trashed; a character belches loudly into a microphone; and a dinosaur destroys an outhouse, leaving a solitary figure stranded on a toilet.”
How rock n’ roll is that? Who knew these little brickmen (and women) had it in ’em?
The description also reveals “fantasy-themed venues such as pirate ships, underwater domes, and a medieval castle. All great places for a rock show, where you’d hear such songs as Pink’s “So What?” (“Somebody’s gonna die… my ex will start a fight”) and The Automatic’s “Monster” (“Brain fried tonight through misuse… without these pills you’re let loose… it’s a monster?”).  
Nick Chester