ESRB rates Quantum Theory, stresses blood and gore

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I remember sitting on a couch with Nick Chester, both of us half buzzed from wine and tired from the day, watching game play of Tecmo’s Quantum Theory in Tokyo. I was admiring the chunky armor and pointy weapons until Nick pointed out that the game looked a lot like Gears of War. That’s all I saw in it after that. Even the motion and the on-screen button commands looked like Gears. That’s not to discount this game. I love Gears of War. I’m just telling you that so you know what to expect.

The ESRB rated Quantum Theory for PS3 and Xbox 360. This quote makes the game sound really cool:

And when enemies’ heads get hit, a slow-motion animation sometimes follows: blood splatter, coal-like chunks, blocky armor, and fleshy gibs will scatter then disintegrate. The effect is closer to gratuitous and over-the-top than dramatic or viscerally intense [though it is certainly a driving factor for the Mature rating, the Blood and Gore, the Violence]

Naturally, this works out to be a “Mature” rating. The repeated use of “f**k,” “sh*t,” and “p*ssy” might also help with that rating.

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