ESRB lists Guitar Hero: World Tour for PC

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And here I thought that the ESRB database might have started to lose its luster as a place to sniff out unannounced games. I guess it isn’t going out of style yet, as a recent inspection discovered that a PC version had been added to the Guitar Hero: World Tour entry.

This might not be a huge shocker, as Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock had a PC version too, but it’s still reassuring news for gamers that might not have a console to rock out on. Maybe it’ll also get those fancy smancy third-party instruments Nick talked about earlier today.

While the folks at GameCyte made a few inquires to try and determine who was developing the PC version, they hit a dead end when Activision refused to acknowledge its “not been announced yet” existence. My money would be on Aspyr Media, seeing as how they handled the aforementioned PC version of Guitar Hero III.

Speaking of Guitar Hero III on the PC, for those of you that owned it, were there any particularly noteworthy mods or user generated content that we might expect to see for World Tour?

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