ESRB lists Gauntlet DS by Eidos, unceremoniously yanks it afterward

That online ESRB database is nothing more than a den of lies and iniquity. At least, that is what Gauntlet enthusiasts would say, considering that a DS version of the game as published by Eidos appeared in their archives earlier in the week, only to have been pulled once it was noticed (the reason for its removal has not been officially confirmed as of this time.)

Per Gamespot:

“When asked for comment, a Midway representative told GameSpot, “There is nothing that we can comment on at this time.” Representatives from Eidos have not responded to GameSpot’s inquiries. The ESRB has also removed the game from its online database, although a representative had not clarified the reasons for the removal as of press time.”

Of course, even if this were true and Gauntlet DS were coming, it isn’t made by original publisher Midway, which sounds a death knell for some fans.  Versions of the game have been published by Atari, Microsoft, Sony and Destination Software, but some of these were major turnoffs to the hardcore fanbase. I’d try it, if only to have Warrior cry about needing food and all that good stuff.

[Via Gamespot — thanks, Jonathan] 

Colette Bennett