ESRB leaks Koei PSOne games: Saiyuki, Destrega

More PSOne re-releases on PSN. More! More! What the hell is the hold-up? Do you need me to do it, Sony? I can do it for you. Probably. How hard can it be?

While I’m raging, there are a few more classics on the way. We know this from an ESRB leak. I’m looking forward to old Koei SRPG Saiyuki: Journey West. It tells that old Chinese story that several other games have touched on, including Enslaved. But it’s a Strategy RPG. That’s more for me. What’s not for me is that assy cover art, above.

There’s another Koei game. It’s the weird-ass fighter called Destrega. Weird name, weird characters — definitely one for the collection. If it is cheap, that is. The odd man out is Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. I already have a PS1 copy of this game; it’s pretty great. 

Hopefully we’ll hear more on these releases soon. 

ESRB Has Good News For PS1 Classic Fans [JPS]

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