ESRB leak: PS3 game Buzz! Quiz Player

I didn’t know crap about Buzz! until I was sent a copy awhile back. Turns out it’s a pretty good party game, played with other people. That makes sense, as that’s probably what it was made for. It was a PS2 game (that’s how long ago it was), but it looks like there’s a new PS3 Buzz! game coming.

The ESRB has a listing for something called Buzz! Quiz Player. The description makes it sound like…well, it sounds like all the other Buzz! games: “This is a trivia game in which players compete to answer questions on a variety of topics, including sports, TV shows, movies, and music.” So now you can be I know everything about pop culture guy.

I doubt any of you are fist pumping at this point, but there it is. I’d bet this new one gets Move support.

ESRB outs ‘Buzz! Quiz Player’ for PS3 [Joystiq]

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