ESRB: Dead or Alive Paradise is ‘creepy voyeurism’

The ESRB says what we all are (or should be) thinking — Tecmo’s Dead or Alive Paradise features “creepy voyeurism.”

This from the rating of the upcoming PlayStation Portable title which the ESRB describes as “a videogame in which users watch grown women dressed in G-string bikinis jiggle their breasts while on a two-week vacation.” Beyond that, the ESRB description continues to make the game sound even stupider than it actually is, believe it or not. (And in my opinion, this game is pretty damned silly.)

“Parents and consumers should know that the game contains a fair amount of ‘cheesy,’ and at times, creepy voyeurism,” it warns, “especially when users have complete rotate-pan-zoom control.”

It concludes by pointing out that Paradise “contains bizarre, misguided notions of what really want” and states “Paradise cannot mean straddling felled tree trunks in dental-floss thongs.” Unless your idea of “paradise” includes a UTI, then I’m inclined to agree with the ESRB on this one.

Dead or Alive Paradise [ESRB via Siliconera]

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