Espionage! Russian spy smuggles money in a PlayStation case

Former CIA man Harold Nicholson and his 24-year-old son, Nathan, were busted for using jail visits, coded letters, and overseas meetings to sell US secrets to the Russians. This was all done from Nicholson’s cell in a federal prison in Oregon.

Harold had his son Nathan out doing spy stuff for him, meeting with the Russians all over the world to pass on information, says the New York Times. On one trip, Nathan attempted to smuggle one of his Russian paychecks back home… in a PlayStation case. And we’re guessing the choice of a PlayStation case was to fit all the cash that wouldn’t have fit in a Wii or Xbox 360 one. 

As far as the leaked information goes, it doesn’t seem like anything important got out, as Nicholson has not been with the CIA since 1996. “This just shows that the Russians are either sentimental or stupid,” an official said.

Alright, Sony! Helping to commit high treason!

[Via GamePolitics]

Dale North