Escalator Pitch: Armello dev goes all in on escalator etiquette

Pitching on the idea of international escalator law

Indie developers make some cool as heck games, but they’re not always so great at selling them. We want to them work on their pitch game until they’re at Bumgarner levels and we want to take advantage of the the horrible, horrible GDC elevators that get gummed up with folks who don’t know you’re supposed to walk on the left, stand on the right.

While we’ve had developers pitching classic games like Sonic 2 and Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, in order to really get that creative brain juice pumping, we also asked folks to pitch some non-game things. Armello‘s Trent Kusters pitched us on the very idea of escalator etiquette, which spawned this series in the first place. It’s getting meta.

Steven Hansen