ESA picks up a former RIAA executive

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It looks like the Entertainment Software Association wants to put a bit more crackdown in their crackdowns of copyright infringement with the addition of a former Recording Industry Association of America executive to their team.

Kenneth Doroshow will become the ESA’s new general counsel next month. ESA’s CEO  Michael Gallagher says that “the computer and video game industry will be well-protected with Ken’s guidance.”

The brag section of ESA’s press release sounds a bit like a ramping up of efforts:

Doroshow served as Senior Vice President, Litigation and Legal Affairs for the RIAA, the trade group that represents the U.S. recording industry. As the head of the RIAA’s litigation department, he led efforts to protect the copyrighted works of recording artists and managed cutting-edge anti-piracy lawsuits against companies like LimeWire, and

If there’s anyone who can catch pirates, it’s this guy. Before Doroshow worked for the RIAA, he served with the Department of Justice as Senior Counsel with the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section.

If I were the ESA, I’d want no connection to the RIAA or its practices. What do you think?

[Via GamePolitics]

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