Epileptic Gaming 109: Listen to us talk about GDC

Tonight our brotha’s from Epileptic Gaming put on episode 109. Since we are continually meshing with them to become something like out of Akira, we’ll be calling in with the various things we’ve seen at GDC this week — in fact, I have to go to a special Sony dinner at 4, so I may be able to call straight from there and give you the update on Phil Harrison’s shiny head.

Here’s what to expect tonight:

EPISODE #109: Kane Lives – The C&C3 Community Summit

• News of the Week featuring News from the Game Developers Conference 2007
• EPILEPTIC REPORT: Coverage of EA’s Command and Conquer 3 Community Summit including: a detailed look at single-player, multi-player, C&C3 broadcast tools, and the 3rd race (Scrin). Interviews with the game’s developers and Renegade Effects, creators of C&C3’s props and sets.
• C&C3 GIVEAWAY: We’ll be featuring a contest (to be revealed on Thursday’s show) with a Grand Prize that includes: An autographed photo of Joe “KANE” Kucan, a C&C3 Set piece from Renegade Effects, and a copy of C&C3 (when available). Contest details and full prize list will be available Thursday.
• Letters from the EG Mail Bag

Go here and check it all out.  

Robert Summa