Epic’s Mark Rein is ‘impressed with the iPad’

Epic Games VP Mark Rein wasn’t turned off by the iPad at Apple’s press event the other afternoon. Speaking to Kotaku, Rein said he was “really impressed with the iPad” and its larger App sizes. He also got the same kind of good vibes from the game demos shown seemingly hours and hours after the initial reveal of Apple’s new and bigger touch device.

“I was very impressed with the game demos,” Rein told Kotaku. “I was surprised how good they were considering they only had a few weeks with the device. I think iPad will be great for gaming and I suspect we’ll see many games that make use of the differentiated form factor of the iPad.”

For us, at least for now, it seems like the iPad will make for a good toilet e-reader. I think once we see a few more platform-specific games, our eyes will open a bit.

What Does Epic Games’ Mark Rein Think Of The iPad? [Kotaku]

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