Epic’s Halloween sale is the perfect pairing with the $10 coupon for claiming Rocket League

What treats are you pickin’ up?

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Any reason to throw a party. Halloween’s quickly coming up, and Epic has used its impending arrival as occasion enough to throw a big ol’ sale. It’s not even really Halloween-themed except for in name! Nobody’s going to complain, though.

The Epic Games Store Halloween Sale has discounts on 144 games, and most of the markdowns are pretty decent. Mortal Shell for $23.99, Hades for $19.99, Control: Ultimate Edition for $27.99, Crysis Remastered for $19.49, Civilization VI for $14.99. It’s a lot. You’ll have to check out the full list to see if anything tickles your fancy.

Here’s where you can Galaxy Brain this sale. Epic is still running the Rocket League free-to-play introductory offer where you get a $10 coupon just for claiming the game. The coupon is good for $10 off any game or add-on priced at $14.99 or higher. If you haven’t used this offer up yet, you can suddenly nab Hades for $9.99. Nobody’s arguing with that.

It’s very much time-sensitive though, because the Rocket League offer ends tomorrow. Go to this page and claim Rocket League with your Epic account before October 23 at 8am Pacific to secure the coupon. Once that’s done, you have to use the coupon before November 1. So that’s a week to think about what you want to pick up. However, you don’t need a week to think because you already know that you’re gettin’ Hades.

The coupon expires on November 1 and the Epic Halloween Sale ends on November 5. Choose wisely.

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