Epic’s free PC game this week is Farming Simulator 19

Followed by three popular board games

Farming Simulator 19 is free on the Epic Games Store until February 6, 2020, at 8:00am Pacific. While I still have your attention – don’t go! – I also need to point out that next week‘s freebie is a tabletop trio. Starting February 6, you’ll be able to claim Asmodee’s Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, and Pandemic.

How is Farming Sim, though? Worth trying? Normally I’d throw down some caveats about its complexity for first-timers, but considering it’s free, there’s nothing to lose. This starting-from-scratch video created by YouTuber Daggerwin is worth skimming through to get an idea of how the game handles.

If I have one piece of advice about Farming Simulator, it’s that you shouldn’t enter these games lightly. They’re kind of a lot. You have to commit if you want to learn the ropes and accomplish anything.

A while back, I got one of them with a heavy discount thinking I’d be able to unwind but I never could seem to invest as much time or energy as the game wanted from me. I struggled to properly manage heavy-duty equipment, find my way around the map, and sort out a long-term revenue stream for my farm. The simulation was too overwhelming. Eventually, I just had to cut my losses and goof-off.

I respect anyone that has enough patience to do a deep dive into Farming Simulator, but I could not.

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