Epic’s Fortnite will be entering paid early access next month

Why can’t this be simple?

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Epic’s craft-a-thon Fortnite will be releasing into paid early access next month on July 25. The game will then become a free-to-play title at some unspecified time in 2018. Surprisingly, the game is now slated to hit consoles in addition to PC. I remember when it was a PC exclusive, but I also haven’t kept up on news about the title. Also, what the hell is going on with the pricing?

There are four different versions available for PC, ranging in price from $39.99 up to $149.99. Way to make this easy to understand, Epic. Regardless, the game looks pretty neat in this E3 trailer and it at least shows off actual gameplay.

As for what each version gives you, the most expensive package (limited edition) will have a four day head start option. That version also includes an “Epic” weapon, a rare hero pack, an exclusive founders pistol, access to a founders chat room, exclusive in-game defenders, two extra copies of the standard version of the game and some other vanity items.

The super deluxe has all of the same stuff, minus the extra copies and “Epic” weapon. The deluxe edition is similar, but again axes the “Epic” weapon and access to the chatroom. The regular edition is just the game. Phew, that is a lot of info and even after typing it all out, I’m still a bit confused.

I’m curious to see how the console versions hold up. While I haven’t seen that many Unreal Engine 4 games on consoles, the ones I have don’t run particularly well. Hopefully with Epic at the helm, the game will be smooth for launch next month.

Build, Explore, Craft, and Fight on July 25 [Epic Games]

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