Epic’s feeling risky with Gears of War 2’s story

Gears of War‘s series senior producer Rod Fergusson has recently admitted that Epic wasn’t feeling as confident as it could have when writing the story for the original game, something he intends to change for Gears of War 2. Fergusson has stated that his team is now far more bold in working on a story-driven game, and promises a plot with some “risks” this time around.

“In [the first] Gears Of War, it’s been a long time since Epic did a story-driven game, and so we weren’t as confident as we should have been in telling the Gears 1 story, and there were certain choices that we didn’t take, because we just weren’t confident that we could pull it off, or that people would believe it, so we backed off of that,” explained Fergusson. “And now, with Gears Of War 2, and the success we had with Gears 1, we feel a little bit more confident about that. One of the things that I think people are going to take away… [is that] people are going to walk away from the game, at the end of this experience, and go: ‘They took some risks, story-wise, and I’m really surprised in that.'”

If there was one recurring criticism for the original Gears of War, it was that the story was very bland and uninteresting. Personally, I didn’t mind it, but I’ll be interested to see if Epic can pull off something more engaging. The company isn’t exactly known for exposition more sophisticated than “I’m a massive phallus, here’s my massive phallic gun, suck my massive phallic phallus,” but the studio seems intent on telling a deep story with Gears of War 2

Do you think GoW 2 will impress with tis writing, or will phallic gun-toting be the order of the day as per usual?

James Stephanie Sterling