Epic Mickey is definitely a Wii exclusive

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Game Informer caused a bit of a stir recently when it removed the “Wii exclusive” label from its Epic Mickey teaser, leading many of us to wonder if there were plans for cross-platform releases. GI has now confirmed that the game will be made for the Wii, and only the Wii. If you thought that the gorgeous concept art for Warren Spector’s Epic Mickey would be realized in HD graphics on a PS3 or Xbox 360, then tough luck.

What happened was that Game Informer attempted to hide the Wii exclusivity news so that it could save the big reveal for the next magazine issue. Unfortunately, this is the Internet, which meant everybody saw it before and after it was taken down. As is often the case, things snowballed and now Game Informer has been forced to spoil its big reveal (that we had all guessed in the first place) and confirm the Disney title’s platform exclusivity. 

That’s a shame, since I felt that with Sony’s Wiimote coming out, a PS3 release would have definitely been possible. Perhaps it could still happen one day, but for now you’re going to have to make do with Epic Mickey in SD.

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