Epic Mickey Collector’s Edition is… well, you can guess

Toy collectors, Disney fans, Mouseketeers, Wii owners, those who like paint and anyone with a working soul get ready for Epic Mickey‘s Collector’s Edition. This is quite a package, especially on the Wii where collector’s editions show up once every never. The bundle was revealed on the Toys R’ Us online storefront and comes jam packed with crap.

To start with there are two decals to decorate your plain white (or black) Wii with, and a faceplate for your Wii Remote. All of these feature splashes of paint and characters from the game. Then you toss in a bonus behind the scenes DVD replete with some other extras and top it all off with a five inch tall vinyl figurine of the game’s version of Mickey Mouse brandashing his paintbrush.

All this will retail for a respectable $69.99, which considering what you pay for some collector’s edition these days is quite a deal. Anyone else going to be jumping at this?

Epic Mickey’s Collector’s Edition revealed [ExtraGuy, via Joystiq]

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