Epic is not lazy, ‘significant progress’ being made on new Gears content

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According to CEO Mark Rein, Epic isn’t just rolling around in all of their Gears of War and Unreal Engine 3 money. In fact, they’re hard at work on more Gears content. Good news for you tightwads out there — this update will actually be free.

The catch? A major component of the updates will be 200 additional achievement points, all of which relate to Annex and the Hidden Fronts DLC. For those keeping track at home, you’re going to have to open your wallets and release the $10 demons to get that content. It’s entirely possible that by the time this update goes live (no release timeframe has been given), that said content will be free.

Other changes included in the update will be improvements to the roadie run, along with “more exploit squashing” and other bug fixes. 

[Via Next Generation]

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