Epic has five games coming, names PC a ‘primary’ platform

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Epic Games may have shunned PC in the past, but the Gears of War developer is looking to embrace the market in a big way. Mike Capps said that his company has five games in development, and that computers are a big part of its future.

“It’s nice to target the PC as a primary platform again, not just for ports,” he stated during a Gamescom presentation, mysteriously.

The five games in development aren’t all necessarily for PC, and it seems that they won’t be big-budget experiences, either. Capps said that his team didn’t grow to five times the side, so that should give us an “idea” at how big these games are. According to our Gamescom reporter (Hi Maurice!), he also hinted at Epic entering the free-to-play market, although anything beyond vague allusions is yet to appear.

Seems like quite a few developers are coming out of the woodwork to once again support PC. That ain’t no bad thing.

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