Next week’s Epic Games Store freebie is a ‘Mystery Game’

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Week of cool freebies reportedly incoming

Usually on a Friday morning, I take the time to give you all a heads-up on the next free title being offered on digital dashboard Epic Games Store — But this week, the publisher is keeping its cards close to its chest, and will be offering up a “Mystery Game” to all users as of Thursday, May 18.

This same date will see EGS launch its Epic Mega Sale, which will offer a range of discounts on a wide variety of PC releases, old and new. According to frequent spoiler Billbil-kun , the EGS will be giving away two free games every week for the duration of the sale period, not dissimilar to the generous offerings dropped during the publisher’s annual winter sale. As such, the identity of the first title will likely remain a mystery until the day it becomes available.

These games could, frankly, be anything, ranging from old-school indie hits to some prestige AAA titles. Let’s not forget the Epic Games Store has previously offered up major releases such as Rockstar’s magnum opus, Grand Theft Auto V, when it has been feeling particularly generous. Regardless, it’ll be worth stopping in on Thursday and checking out the catalog for some discounted hits, because I’m sure your PC backlog is incredibly small right now.

The Epic Mega Sale takes place from May 18 – June 15. The current free title, which is a chunky Sims 4 expansion pack, can still be picked up gratis until the sale begins.

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