Epic Games opens subsidiary in Tokyo

Look at you, Epic Games. I like their cozy location in Cary, North Carolina, but a game company this big has to have a worldwide presence. Why not Tokyo? It’s an amazing city, and the hub of the games world.

The studio celebrates the opening of their Tokyo office on April 15th. This is an expansion that we first heard about at TGS last year. One of the functions of the office is to support Japanese partners that will use the Unreal Engine 3. Another is likely to have the privilege of throwing out the phrase “….our Tokyo office.”

It’s going to be a pretty nice shindig, with guests like Goichi “Suda51” Suda of Grasshopper Manufacture and Joseph Chou of Halo Legends fame in attendance. Of course, Epic’s big boys will also be there: CEO Tim Sweeney, Pres Mike Capps,  VP Jay Wilbur and design director Cliff Bleszinski will all probably be toasting with sake. Kampai!

Congrats, Epic! Big week for you guys, isn’t it?


Dale North