Epic Games offices: not-so-epic phone camera picture tour

The Epic Games offices are…epic. Well, they’re epic in a sort of subdued, business-like kind of way. The folks there were kind enough to show me around the offices after playing a bit of the upcoming Unreal Tournament III Titan pack at their HQ earlier this week.

I’m sorry. I’ll say that ahead of time. I did the douchey snap pictures with my phone thing, as I’m a failure as a writing professional. So you know the deal: grainy, sometimes blurry, poorly framed. Even with that, I did get some higlights. They’ve got a pretty nice break room there. I also saw their weight room, the huge mo-cap room, some of their dirty laundry, and even part of their games library, where I noticed Odama and Skies of Arcadia: Legends. Nerds!

I saw Cliffy B as he hopped into the elevator (see his door sign above) that afternoon. He teased that he was headed up to his office to work on something he could tell me about…in two years. Hmph.  

Dale North