Epic Games is now hiring

I know many Dtoid readers would love to one day make games, and that some readers are already doing exactly that, but for those of you fresh out of college  with game design degrees and unsure of where to apply, let me suggest a big company. How big? Ron Jeremy big, that’s how big.

Cliffy B. is happy to announce that Epic Games is looking for more help in their future gaming projects. The North Carolina based company that brought us Gears of War is looking for talented concept artists, high-res 3D modelers, level designers, level artists, programmers, a support manager, and texture artists to join their team. If you’re interested in a full-time job, then email them your portfolio and resume, or, if you’d prefer to mail it to them, then here’s their address:

Epic Games
Attn: Recruiting

620 Crossroads Blvd.

Cary , NC   27518

As usual with art submissions to companies, any work you send in will not be returned, so make sure you only send out copies of the originals. For more information on job specifics you can check out the official site.

Tom Fronczak