Epic brings ‘Unreal University’ and ‘Samaritan’ to ECGC

Not surprisingly, Epic Games is throwing its support behind the East Coast Game Conference next week in Raleigh, North Carolina. Taking place in Raleigh, North Carolina (home of the Unreal Engine dev), it’s a learning event for both working game developers (that might be you — sorry Jim maybe gave your game a 2!) and those working their way into the industry (that might be you!). 

Epic’s support includes showing off and detail its next-gen Unreal Engine tech with the impressive real-time Samaritan demo. The demo comes as part of the package of the two day “Unreal University” series of lectures, with the focus on helping teams get up to speed on using the Unreal Development Kit. 

The East Coast Game Conference will also play host to talks from industry veteran Mark Cerny, NVIDIA execs, along with folks from Insomniac Games (who also have a studio located in North Carolina), Bungie, and more. 

For more details, check out the official ECGC website.

Epic Brings Gears 3, Samaritan and Unreal University to ECGC [Epic Games]

Nick Chester