Epic 4-minute Lost Planet 2 trailer has pirate love

With such a heavy focus on co-op and the inclusion of certain characters in Lost Planet 2, I was starting to wonder if there would be any sort of serious story elements in the game, or if you’d simply be tasked with moving from area to area, killing everything in your way.

The latter choice would have been perfectly acceptable in my book; not every videogame has to tell a gripping narrative. Based on this latest trailer, though, a full story will be present. Capcom just hasn’t been showing off much in the way of cut scenes so far.

Plus, giant boss battles make for better marketing. If you’ve got four minutes of free time, why not spend them watching this Lost Planet 2 trailer? It is indeed epic. Also, the pirate love can only be seen if you read between the lines (yes, you can read between the lines of a video).

Jordan Devore
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