Ep. 4 of The Journalism Show once again lacks journalism

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While it pains me slightly to post this because it means Topher Cantler, a man cooler than the other side of the pillow, is not, I must. Episode 4 of The Journalism Show is here and the people need to know! In this episode Geraldo Beedog confronts his landlord over the rent and race car driving ensues.

While Topher may no longer be with us it’s clear his love for gaming has not abated in the weeks since his departure. Not only is the entire episode based on the show Initial D, which has had a plethora of videogame spin-offs, but there’s plenty of other gaming goodness and a butt funny Okami reference just waiting for you to laugh at it.

I said it’s waiting. Go laugh. Do I have to click play for you?

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